Support Resources for the Messenger Platform

Support Resources for the Messenger Platform including community groups and forums, Meta developer and API status tools, bug reports, and access token debugger.

Community Resources

Developer Docs & Tools

  • Messenger Platform Changelog Notfications – Subscribe to Messenger changelog notifications to get updates about changes to the Messenger Platform and Instagram Messaging.
  • Meta Graph API Explorer – A tool you can use to generate access tokens, test API requests to the Meta social graph, and get code for your requests that you can use in your app.
  • Messenger Platform Overview – The Messenger Platform Overview details how the platform works and what you need to successfully implement the platform.

Support Tools

  • Meta Access Token Debugger – View information about your access tokens inclluding token type, person who requested the token, expiration, and more.
  • Meta Platform Dashboard – Check the Meta Platform Dashboard for connectivity issues to see if there is an outage or known issue.
  • Meta Platform Bug Reports – View and report platform bugs for the Messenger Platform including Instagram Messaging.