This guide shows you the webhook notification properties sent when a person comments on a post, published as the business' Facebook Page, in your business' Facebook Group.

To receive webhooks for private replies, the group settings for private replies must be on. Private replies are On by default. To confirm this setting, the admin of the Facebook Page can go to the Facebok Group, tap Manage in the left panel and scroll down to Settings. Tap Group settings, scroll down to Manage discussion and look for On under Private replies.

The group_feed field for the Page topic webhooks returns information about comments published by a person on your business' Facebook Group. With this information you can privately reply to the person who published the comment.

Example Webhooks Notification

The following is an example webhook notification sent to your server when a person comments on a post in a business' Facebook group.

    "object": "page",
    "entry": [
        "time": 1680575902263,
        "id": "PAGE-ID",
        "messaging": [
           "recipient": {
              "id": "PAGE-ID"
            "from": {
              "id": "USER-ID",
              "name": "Cinderella Hoover"
            "group_id": "GROUP-ID",
            "comment_id": "COMMENT-ID",
            "parent_id": "PARENT-ID",
            "post_id": "POST-ID",
            "created_time": 1680575789,
            "item": "comment",
            "verb": "add",
            "message": "Does this shirt come in blue?",
            "field": "group_feed"
        "hop_context": null

Messaging Properties

The following messaging properties are included in the webhooks notification.

Property NameDescription


The ID for the comment made by a person on a business' Facebook group post


The time the update was made


The value group_feed for the Page messaging webhook


The ID for the Facebook group where the post or comment was published


The value for the item published in the Facebook group is comment


The text of the comment made by the person


The ID for the post that the person commented on


The ID for the parent post or comment to which the reply was made


The field representing ID for the Facebook Page for the business that owns or administers the Facebook Group


The field representing ID and name of the person that commented on business' Facebook group post


The action take that triggered the webhook. The value add is the action for publishing comment in the group

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