Responsiveness Requirements

To ensure the best user experience possible, the Messenger Platform has set the following policy that requires automated bots to respond to all user input within a specific amount of time.


Responsiveness Policy

  • Automated bots must respond to any and all input from the user. “Any input” is defined as: freeform text, quick replies, CTA buttons, and persistent menu clicks. Please note that the Get Started (welcome screen) button is specifically excluded from this list.

  • Automated bots that have disabled the composer, must still respond to any other available inputs.

  • Automated bots must respond to user input within 30 seconds. This ensures your bot's experience feels like a continuous conversation.

Which Bots Does this Apply To?

The Messenger Platform's responsiveness policy applies to all bots that are identified as “automated” (not “hybrid” or “human”) that are submitted for approval via the App Dashboard and/or the Discover submission form.

What is an "automated" bot?

Messenger Platform categorizes bots into three types depending on how the bot communicates with its audience. When your bot was launched on Messenger, you or another page admin defined your bot as “automated” in the App Dashboard or Discover submission form.

  • Automated bots: All responses from the bot are programmed ahead of time. The bot doesn't require any manual intervention in order to function. For example, a bot that provides news and weather updates. After setting up the bot, the developer doesn't need to respond to each message.

  • Manual Reply: All responses from the bot are provided by live representatives. For example, a bot for a business that communicates with its customers through third-party CRM software. People who message the bot won't get a response until someone from the business responds manually.

  • Hybrid bots: bots that incorporate both automated and human interactions. For example, a bot for an airline that lets you check your flight status instantly (automated) but can also connect you to a customer service representative to make changes to your reservation (human).

Policy Violation Notifications

If we determine that your bot is in violation of our functionality policy, we will notify all Page admins through the Page Support Inbox. In that message, we'll link to this documentation and provide instructions for bringing your bot into compliance.

Responding to Policy Violations

If your bot is intended to provide an automated experience, you'll need to adhere to the responsiveness requirements.

If your bot is actually a “hybrid” or “human” experience, you should update your bot's response setting in the Page Settings > Advance Messaging.

If you don't respond to our message or make the appropriate changes within 7 days, we may limit your bot's ability to send messages.

If you have questions after being notified that your bot is in violation of this policy, please respond via the Page Support Inbox and we'll get back to you within 3 business days.