Human Agent Escalation

Apps with instagram_manage_message permission must have an escalation path to a human agent. Experiences can either start by directly interacting with a human agent or can start from an automation to qualify intent but must have a way for users to chat with a human agent as needed.

Ensure to implement one of the following human agent escalation paths:

Escalation for apps with Custom Inbox Only (non automation)

With the custom inbox only solution (no automation) the users would be interacting with the human (live) agent directly rather than initiating the conversation with a keyword/intent. If your app uses this path to escalate to human agent then ensure it has the ability to:

  • receive messages sent by users and render them correctly in the custom inbox using the Conversation API with the given app id.
  • reply to messages via the custom inbox and the user successfully received them using the Send API with the given app id.

Escalation for apps with Automated Experiences

If the app has an automated experience then the app should be able to escalate to human agents either by having a fallback intent/keyword or quick replies when a certain scenario/flow is met.

As soon as the the scenario/flow is met the escalation to human agent can be done in the following ways:

  • Custom Inbox- The ability to receive or reply to messages to the user from the custom inbox which is powered by the same app id
  • Handover Protocol - Handover Protocol can be used to pass thread control to either Instagram Inbox (first party) or a custom third-party inbox solution (using another FB app id). For the app review process you should demonstrate that when escalation to a human agent happens, the thread ownership is successfully transferred to the inbox and the agent is able to use the inbox to reply to users.