Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the frequency at which the XML feed is processed by Facebook?

For job_api_v1, We can process the feed every hour, but you can specify a more infrequent duration by setting the syncing_frequency in the Job Feed. For job_api_v2code>, We process the feed every six hour without manual interval setting on the Job Feed.

2. Is there a limit for the number of jobs that can be processed each time?

A feed have a limit of 30,000 jobs with extensible limits (require approval from Facebook representative).

3. Is markdown or HTML supported as a part of Job Description?

We do not support markdown tags currently, but basic HTML tags are supported. Please see feed specifications for details.

4. What happens when there is a network disconnect?

If there is a network failure then we will not commit any jobs during that run.

5. When do jobs expire?

If a job has not appeared in a successfully synced feed for 30 days, it will expire and no longer be shown.

6. Do you support remote jobs?

Yes. See documentation here.

7. How do you publish a job that is nationwide?

Duplicate the job details for each location and publish the jobs.

8. How do Create/Update/Delete jobs work?

When we receive an updated feed, we create any new additions to the feed, delete any existing jobs no longer in the feed, and update every job where parameters have changed. We track each job by the id you provide us.

9. What if we have too many jobs? The size of the file will be huge.

With job_api_v1, You can segment the jobs to multiple feeds and keep the Facebook team informed about multiple feeds. We can consume data from multiple feeds as a part of the same transaction. There is a total limit of 100 feeds you can provide and there is a 30,000 cap on jobs per feed. While for job_api_v2, We limit to one Job Feed per application (and one Recruiting Manager per application).

10. How many times do you hit the custom questions url end point? Does Facebook do any kind of caching?

Currently we will hit the endpoint once for each job per sync, which will occur approximately once per hour. We may further optimize this at a later time.

11. What happens when 2 providers try to publish a job to the same Facebook page?

At any point, the Facebook Page Admin can modify which provider is connected to their page. They can only have one source connected at any time, and the page will default to whatever provider was first connected.

12. Can businesses still manually post jobs on their pages?

No. Connecting a page to a third-party source will remove any jobs posted on the Jobs tab, and no new jobs can be posted. Existing manually posted jobs may still appear in search results and continue to receive applications unless they’re closed or deleted.

13. How long will it take for my job to get through integrity review?

The full integrity review can sometimes take 24-48 hours, although on average it is completed much faster than that. Your job will not be publicly available until it has passed through integrity review.

14. How long will it take for my page to get matched to a page?

Jobs are immediately posted once they have passed through integrity review, although they may not be immediately correlated with a page. If a match is found, either through the provided company Facebook url, or through company information matching, the job will be presented to the page admin, who can choose to accept or deny the page match. If they accept the match, the job will begin to appear associated with the Facebook page.

15. The API responses are telling me that my job is "Open" and "Approved". How do I find it on Facebook?

Your job should be visible at{job-id}. "job-id" is the ID we return to you, and NOT the ID you provide us in your XML feed. Note that some Facebook pages are regionally limited - for example, if you are living in the United States privacy settings may prevent you from seeing French Facebook pages. This will also apply to any jobs that are matched with that Facebook page, which may prevent you from seeing some of your job postings, even if they are open and approved.

16. What countries do you currently support?

We are launched internationally! All countries are supported.

17. What photo will be displayed along with my job?

When your job is matched to a Facebook page, it will inherit the images directly from that Facebook page, except when a "photo-url" XML field is provided instead, in which case it will use the provided image. If the job is not matched to any page, no photo will be provided, even if the photo-url field is filled out.

The provided image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall in its dimensions. It should be no larger than 4 MB.

In order for the photo upload to succeed, your app must also be in Live mode.

18. How do I tell if my job is live?

You can get the ID via the "job_status" API call described here. This API call will also inform you of the status of the job. If the job is live, then it will then be accessible at{ID}.

19. How do I test my integration?

We do not provide any test environments or test Recruiting Managers. The best strategy to test your integration is simply to create a "Test Feed" on the same Recruiting Manager we have enabled for you. We do not mind if a small number of test jobs are posted to our platform.