Integrate with Jobs on Facebook

Getting Started

Follow the Getting Started guide to set up an integration with Jobs on Facebook, which enables automatic creation of job posts on Facebook via an XML feed, and retrieving of applications from Facebook users via API. A quick look at the overall workflow is as followed:

  1. Generate a job feed in XML.
  2. Receive Jobs API Permissions.
  3. Create and register a Recruiting Manager so Facebook syncs your feed.
  4. Verify your jobs are live on Facebook.
  5. Set up a server to handle Facebook's callbacks when applications are submitted.


The following diagram explains how data flows in a completed integration:

  1. Facebook loads jobs from a partner's XML feed periodically.
  2. After integrity review, Facebook displays approved jobs to job seekers.
  3. Job seekers apply to the jobs directly on Facebook.
  4. Facebook sends the application ID to a server set up by the partner.
  5. Partner makes a secure API call to retrieve details about the application.
  6. Facebook responds with details.
  7. Partner loads the application details into their ATS.

Major Integration Components

Major components of the integration that you need to implement are marked in orange in the diagram above.

XML Job Feeds

  • Periodically generate an XML feed that represents your jobs according to Facebook’s specifications, and host it on a publicly accessible server.
  • Complete a one-time setup so that Facebook pulls from the server on a set schedule.

Handling Application Callbacks

  • Set up a server that Facebook can send an HTTP POST request to, and include the server URL in your XML job feed, following the specification.
  • Facebook will send a POST request to your server whenever an application is submitted, with an application ID, and you then make a GET API call to Facebook using the application ID and a secure access token, following this guide.
  • Facebook responds with application details, and you then load the application into your Application Tracking System (ATS).

Additional Topics

Facebook's Jobs Policies

All jobs must comply with our guidelines as defined in Facebook Pages Guidelines, Jobs on Pages (section F). Jobs violating these policies will not be distributed on Facebook.

Page Matching

You can provide the URL to an employer's Facebook Page in your XML feed (see company-facebook-url in specifications), and we will also use other provided employer information to attempt to match your job to a Facebook Page. The Facebook page's page administrator will be presented with a request to approve your jobs, and if they accept, your jobs will begin to be distributed on that Facebook page, receive that page's branding, and gain extra traffic from fans of that page.

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