Server-Sent Events are deprecated and will be removed December 31, 2023.

Server-Sent Events

Server-Sent Events allows you to receive real-time updates for live video comments and reactions. It uses the Server-Sent Events (SSE) web standard to send real-time, continuous data streams to browser clients, once an initial client connection has been established.

To initiate a Server-Sent Events subscription, create a new EventSource object with a Server-Sent Events endpoint and begin listening for events. Once a connection has been established, and as long as the connection remains open, updates will be sent to the client each time a comment or reaction occurs.


Connections will last for 4 hours before you are disconnected and have to reconnect.

No, we do not guarantee that you will receive every event. If the connection is lost (ex due to network issues), you may miss events that would have been delivered between the time the connection was lost and when it was re-established. In addition, the system has high reliability but your application may be throttled in instances of high load.

Webhooks requires a server side subscription, meaning that you need an HTTPS endpoint to create the subscription. On the other hand, Server Sent Events subscriptions can be created on the client side.