November 7, 2012

The following change will go into effect on November 7th, 2012.

No more payments reporting emails

We will stop sending payments reporting emails. You can download daily reports of transaction data using our Payments Reporting API.

The following changes can all be enabled/disabled using the "November 2012 Breaking Changes" migration until November 7th when they will go into effect permanently for everyone.

Notifications table no longer returns pid/aid for photos/albums

The object_id field on the notification FQL table will return photo ids and album ids (called object_id and album_object_id respectively in the photo FQL table) instead of pid and aid.

New permission required to read Page mailboxes

In order to read a Page's mailbox (PAGE_ID/conversations in the Graph API or unified_* FQL tables), you will need the read_page_mailboxes permission. The read_mailbox permission will now only give you access to a user's mailbox.

The following change can be enabled/disabled using the "External Page Migration" migration until November 7th when it will go into effect permanently for everyone.

External Page migration

You will no longer be able to publish content to the News Feeds of users who have liked your Open Graph object. This feature will only be available for Facebook Pages.