April 27, 2021

Due to Apple’s new policy requiring the AppTrackingTransparency prompt, the following breaking changes to the SDKAdNetwork and Ad Campaigns are now in effect.

SKAdNetwork Campaigns

The following changes affect all ad campaigns that target iOS 14.5+; excludes website applications.

  • The is_skadnetwork_attribution field must be set to true for all ad campaigns that target iOS 14.5+.
  • Deferred Deep Linking is no longer supported for the POST /{ad-id} endpoint.
  • Mobile App Custom Audiences for inclusion targeting is no longer supported for the POST /{ad-account-id}/adsets endpoint.
  • iOS 14.5+ app install campaigns are no longer able to use app connections targeting.
  • Facebook no longer aggregates non-inline conversion metric values across iOS 14.5+ and non-iOS 14.5+ campaigns due to differences in attribution logic for the following endpoints:
    • GET /{ad-account-id}/insights
    • GET /{ad-id}/insights
    • GET /{ad-set-id}/insights
    • GET /{campaign-id}/insights
    • POST /{ad-account-id}/insights
    • POST /{ad-id}/insights
    • POST /{ad-set-id}/insights
    • POST /{campaign-id}/insights

Note: Because iOS 14.5+ campaigns rely on SKAdNetwork data and associated attribution logic, results for those campaigns can only be queried using the default or new unified attribution setting.

Ad Campaigns

The following changes affect all ad campaigns regardless of computing platform.

  • The conversion_domain field has been added to the POST /{ad-account-id}/ads and POST /{ad-id} endpoints.
  • POST /adaccount?fields=attribution_spec endpoint has been deprecated.
  • POST /{ad-account-id}/adsets - Mobile App Install CPA Billing is no longer supported. The billing event cannot be App Install if the Optimization goal is App Install.
  • Default values for queries that do not set action_attribution_windows when pulling results we will use 7d_click by default.
  • 28d_click and 28d_view are no longer supported values for the action_attribution_windows field and will return an empty dataset.
  • The use_account_attribution_setting field will be ignored.
  • We have introduced two new attribution fields, use_unified_attribution_setting and attribution_setting, that can be used in GET and POST requests for the following endpoints:

    • /adaccount/insights
    • /adcampaign/insights
    • /adcampaigngroup/insights
    • /adgroup/insights

Ad Creation

iOS 14.5+ App Install Campaigns

You can use your existing ad accounts to advertise to iOS 14.5+ users, but you’ll need to create separate iOS 14.15+ app install campaigns due to reporting limitations from Apple’s SKAdNetwork API.

Delivery Status

New statuses are available in the Delivery column of Ads Manager to help you understand the impact of ad creation limitations.