"’App engagement ads helped us boost our sales and deliver an impressive ROI of 500-600%. The combination of Facebook's engagement ads, clever targeting using Custom Audiences and multiple variations of ad copy gave us results that can't be matched using other advertising channels." — Ratko Božović, User Acquisition Manager, Nordeus

Top Eleven – Be A Football Manager is a game where you create and lead a football team to glory. Available on Facebook.com, as well as on iOS and Android, Top Eleven offers players an interactive gaming experience across platforms so they can play and compete against millions of other players. Top Eleven, developed by Nordeus, was first released on Facebook and was later extended to mobile.

After amassing a large user base of 12 million monthly active users Nordeus started using paid channels to re-engage their players. They ran desktop app ads, which are the best way to drive installs and re-engagement at scale on desktop, to bring players back into the game. With these campaigns, they saw impressive return from their investment, with one desktop campaign delivering a 589% ROI.

Nordeus also lets people share their achievements with friends. By creating these moments for their players to share, their existing players help them acquire new players. From this alone, they were able to drive just upwards of 9,000 new installs on mobile, daily.

Bring players back into your game

Nordeus used desktop app engagement ads to retain and re-engage their Top Eleven players on Facebook. They used Custom Audiences to target their paying players and bring them back to spend on in-game items. Nordeus’s desktop campaigns experienced a 300-400% ROI, with one campaign reaching 589% ROI from their app engagement ad spend.

The Nordeus team also targeted their players with mobile app engagement ads, which are the best way to drive re-engagement for your app at scale on mobile, to bring them back into their Top Eleven mobile apps on iOS and Android too. This created an effective engagement channel for their users across the platforms that Top Eleven can be played.

Encouraging players to share to drive organic installs

Nordeus viewed organic traffic and awareness an important part of its acquisition strategy. Using Open Graph, Top Eleven Facebook players are able to share moments to their friends like when they win a match against an opponent.

These Open Graph stories drove upwards of 9,000 new installs daily for Top Eleven’s mobile apps, demonstrating how Facebook enables success for cross-platform games.

Go cross-platform easily with Facebook

Nordeus originally launched Top Eleven on Facebook.com, where the game became a major hit. It frequently reaches the top 25 list of Facebook games globally.

With that success, Nordeus decided to release iOS and Android apps. They’ve grown their mobile apps by targeting their desktop players with mobile app install ads and by encouraging organic sharing. They also provide a good user experience by letting users log back into their account with Facebook and pick up where they left off on a different platform.


  • 589% ROI from a desktop app engagement campaign
  • Upwards of 9,000 new organic installs daily driven by Facebook