Success Story: Runtastic

The Runtastic app tracks sports and fitness activities such as running, jogging, biking & walking with GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals.


Runtastic wanted to convert more people using their app to fans on its Facebook Page. Having a bigger fan base on its Facebook Page allows Runtastic to enhance its user engagement with those most loyal to the app, and also makes it easy for Runtastic fans to spread the word to their friends on Facebook.

To increase its presence amongst its users, Runtastic has integrated many of Facebook's products. In particular, Runtastic allowed people to Like its Facebook Page after a fitness activity had been completed. By timing the dialog to occur when people tend to be happier, Runtastic was able to significantly increase its fan base and engagement on its Facebook Page.


Facebook Products Used

  • Sharing: Runtastic uses Fitness Actions and Custom Stories. It found that 70% of all sharers from the app use Facebook as their preferred sharing platform, and 20% of all Runtastic activities are shared on Facebook.
  • Login: 30% of Runtastic users use Login with Facebook to sign up.
  • App Insights: Runtastic uses App Insights to gather insights and to monitor users' login and sharing behaviors. App Insights also allows Runtastic to understand how users like and engage with the content that’s being shared through the app. For example, Runtastic found that iOS and Android users are equally likely to share on Facebook from the app.


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