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Audience Network is now bidding only

Audience Network is now only using bidding to fill ads in iOS and Android apps. You’ll need to move your apps from waterfall to bidding to monetize with Audience Network.

Read more on our Audience Network blog post.

The Audience Network allows you to monetize your iOS apps with Facebook ads. This guide explains how to integrate the Audience Network SDK in an iOS app.


Ensure that you have the latest Xcode installed.

Please see the FAQ for minimum OS version supported by Audience Network SDK.

App Store Connect for iOS 14

Events that your app collects and sends to Facebook may require you to disclose these data types in the App Store Connect questionnaire. It is your responsibility to ensure this is reflected in your application’s privacy policy. Visit the Apple App Store Privacy Details article to learn more about the data types you will need to disclose.

Getting Started Steps

Create and Set up Sample Project

To create a new project:

  1. Open XCode, and choose File -> New -> Project -> iOS -> App
  2. Set product name to be AudienceNetworkTutorial. Enter your organization identifier.
  3. Download the Audience Network SDK for iOS.
  4. Drag & drop FBAudienceNetwork.xcframework from the Dynamic folder in your downloaded iOS Audience Network SDK archive into XCode.
  5. In the General tab in your application target settings select Embed & Sign for FBAudienceNetwork.xcframework

Now you have an empty project with Audience Network SDK integrated.

Next Steps

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