Monetize Instant Games with Audience Network

The goal of this article is to provide you with the most efficient path to onboard or activate an Instant Games version of your game in Monetization Manager - whatever your current mobile app setup.

Once activated, you can monetise both the mobile app version and the Instant Games version of your game with Audience Network.


This article assumes that:

Adding Features

To enable Facebook Instant Games to use social features, you will need to submit each permission for an app Review. We strongly recommend that you review which features you will need in advance, in order to avoid a delay in launching the game.

The following links explain some of the feature options:

  • In-app Purchases - information about how to implement in-app purchases in your Facebook game.
  • Organic Acquisition - how to leverage Facebook platforms to attract and retain players.
  • Sharing - use sharing APIs to help players share key moments or achievements to their timeline, and into their friends' Feeds.
  • Invite and Player Finder - enables users to find friends to share their gaming experience with.
  • Invites - help players invite friends to play with them.
  • Paid Acquisition - how to attract more players to your Facebook game.
  • Click-to-play ads - an outline of recommended best practices for Instant Game ad campaigns.

Audience Network Review

Once you have successfully set up the Instant Games version of your game with Audience Network, you’ll see the Games platform card in your Monetization Manager. Click Add payment account to add payment information. This automatically starts the Audience Network review process.


These resources will help you with your next steps when monetizing with Audience Network:


App Review

Your game must pass both Audience Network review and Meta App Review before you can start monetizing.