Audience Network Policy Examples

Examples and explanations for Audience Network Policy 1.3

Policy Language

"Don't display ads on apps or sites that provide an unexpected, disruptive, or misleading experience. This includes apps and sites that contain a disproportionate volume of ads relative to content, or ads that drive a negative user experience such as ads that are highly sexual, visually shocking, or promote scams."

The following serves as supplementary example material. To ensure your content is fully compliant, please consult the Audience Network Policy.

Examples and Explanations

Don't show an overwhelming amount of full-screen ads.

Don't show too many ads on one view screen.

Don't show full screen ads at unexpected stages (for example, an interstitial popping up in the middle of a game).

For full screen ads there must be a clear way for the user to exit the ad and this may not be an automated way (ex: by having a countdown timer)