Audience Network Guides

This section contains programming language-specific guides about how to implement Audience Network features in your app.

In This Section

Add the Audience Network SDK

Explains how to add the Audience Network SDK to your project.

Initialize the Audience Network SDK

Explains how to initialize the Audience Network SDK.

Test your Audience Network Implementation

Explains how to verify your Facebook Audience Network SDK implementation before pushing it to production.

Reporting API

Walks you through how to automate downloading performance data for your business and properties.

A/B Testing for Bidding

Explains how to use A/B testing to determine the value of bidding over waterfall.

Ad Formats

Contains information about how to implement various ad formats in your app, such as banner ads and interstitial ads.

Layout Guidelines

Explains how to create the layout for an ad.

Audio Guidelines

Lays out best practices to follow when playing audio in a video ad.


Demonstrates how to place a crawlable ads.txt file on your site that identifies as an authorized reseller of your ads.