Developers may choose to implement the App Links protocol for each platform themselves based upon the description above. Alternatively, developers may choose to use a library that helps them properly execute an App Link navigation, handle incoming navigations, and publish App Link metadata.

You may use the following implementations for navigating to and handling incoming App Link navigations:

  • Bolts for iOS - Open-source reference implementation for iOS apps
  • Bolts for Android - Open-source reference implementation for Android apps
  • Rivets for C# - Rivets is a Xamarin component that lets you handle incoming and outgoing App Link navigation. It will work with the Xamarin runtime on iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

The following tool may helpful for publishers of content with App Link metadata: Parse App Links Cloud Code Module - Provides a simple way to publish web content with App Link metadata

Some providers may also provide access to a high-performance index of App Link metadata that you may choose to use in your own apps: * Facebook App Link index - Provides access to Facebook's index of App Link metadata for arbitrary URLs