The application process for new users to access the Ad Targeting dataset is temporarily paused. We are updating our access and onboarding flow to the dataset. The application intake to the Ad Targeting dataset for new users will resume once the new process is in place. Please check back here for updates.

If you are an existing Ad Targeting user and have not received an email from us with updated VPN instructions, please open a ticket with our support team.

Ad Targeting dataset

The Ad Targeting dataset contains the ad targeting logic of all of the Social Issue, Electoral, and Political (SIEP) ads run beginning August 3, 2020 on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. The coverage includes all countries in which we currently have our ad authorizations and disclaimer tools available. More information on the countries this includes is available in our Business Help Center.

Get access

To query the dataset, you must be an approved Meta Research Partner. See Onboarding to get access.

Documentation contents


Explanations of core concepts and usage requirements.

Get started

Steps to get started with the Researcher Platform, create a Jupyter Notebook, and prepare to query the dataset.

Sample queries

Sample queries that demonstrate various ways to query the dataset.

Table schema

Columns in the Ad Targeting, Ad Targeting Delta, and Ad Library Data tables, along with related clarifications.


Frequently asked questions, information about how to get help, and instructions for correctly citing Meta and the Ad Targeting dataset in your publications. Also includes a changelog that lists dataset and documentation changes by release.