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Data Handling Questions for Data Use Checkup

November 8, 2023ByAlan Cheslow

At Meta we are committed to protecting people’s privacy and ensuring developers understand their responsibility to safeguard people’s data. As part of these efforts, we will be implementing several updates over the coming year.

Starting in January, developers with apps that have gone live with use cases or with advanced access to any permission or feature on Meta for Developers will be required to complete data handling questions as part of their annual Data Use Checkup. As we previously announced, data handling questions are designed to help ensure that personal data received from Meta will be handled appropriately. Please review our data handling guidelines for more information. You may need to implement additional protections in order to maintain advanced access for any permission or feature (or use case) depending on your current data handling practices. Other requirements may still apply.

We know user privacy is just as important to our developer community as it is to us, and we appreciate your cooperation and commitment to improving our privacy and security standards.