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Announcing New Data Handling Questions for Advanced Access

April 5, 2023ByAlan Cheslow

Meta remains committed to protecting people’s privacy and personal data—a responsibility that we share with all developers in our ecosystem. Our policies already require developers to adhere to specific guidelines and procedures for handling personal data, and as part of our efforts to help ensure people’s personal data is handled appropriately, we’re asking developers to complete additional data handling questions in order to get advanced access for any permission or feature on the Meta Developer Platform.

Starting on or after June 15, 2023, any apps that are newly requesting advanced access to any permission or feature will be prompted to complete these additional data handling questions during the request process. These questions could apply to newly created apps or apps that are requesting advanced access for the first time and are designed to help ensure that personal data received from Meta will be handled appropriately. Please review our data handling guidelines regarding how you or your organization handles personal data. You may need to implement additional protections in order to be granted advanced access depending on your current data handling practices.

As an additional announcement, over the coming year, apps that already have advanced access to permissions and features will also be required to complete these data handling questions as part of their annual Data Use Checkup. In the following months, we will provide further information.

We are dedicated to ensuring people’s personal data is processed and handled safely, and we appreciate your continued support as we build a safer, more sustainable platform.