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Access Levels for Gaming Apps

November 1, 2022BySolomon Sia

Meta is continuously making strides to further safeguard people’s data and improve experiences on our platform. Building on changes previously announced in Graph API v11 update, today we are announcing the rollout of access levels for Gaming developers, an update to how developers control the level of data access with regard to permissions and features within their apps. Gaming apps include Gaming Services, Instant Games, Cloud Games, and Canvas apps.

Gaming developers will now be able to select an access level of Advanced, Standard or None for each permission and feature in their app. Similar to the Graph API v11 update, this makes testing new permissions and features easier for gaming developers, since anyone with a role on the app can choose the right access level without having to switch to development mode or having to use a test app. Access levels allow for permission and feature use independent of app mode, although development mode will continue to be available.

Access levels will be rolling out to gaming apps across the Meta technologies including; Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, WhatsApp Messenger. Beginning today, November 1st, 2022. Permissions and features which were previously live or autogranted (gaming_profile, gaming_user_picture, email) will automatically enjoy Advanced access level. All other permissions and features will have Standard access level which limits their use to app roles. None access level will also be available for use if needed and prevents even app role permission and feature use. For more information on Access Levels please visit Meta’s Developer documentation.