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Introducing Intellectual Property Reporting API: empowering rights holders to streamline reporting

October 25, 2022ByRavi Antani

We know that rights holders of copyrights and trademarks are always seeking new ways to efficiently combat intellectual property infringement. So today we’re announcing the Intellectual Property (IP) Reporting API, a solution that allows rights holders and their agents to build custom systems for reporting content that violates their intellectual property rights. They can use this API to streamline the reporting of infringing content by sending IP reports over our secure Graph API.

Who should use the IP Reporting API?

The IP Reporting API is intended for rights holders who want to submit intellectual property reports at scale with the same fields as our reporting forms. This tool differs from other related tools such as Brand Rights Protection and Rights Manager, as it requires technical knowledge about how to integrate with the Graph API. These tools cover different use cases and can be used independently. Learn more about Meta’s intellectual property tools here.

How do I apply and use the IP Reporting API?

To use the IP Reporting API, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

Once you’ve applied and been authorized, you can follow the technical documentation on the Meta for Developers site to set up and start using the IP Reporting API. Note that to see this documentation, your account must be tied to an authorized app.