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Introducing Login Connect with Messenger

June 2, 2021ByDare Obasanjo

Our flagship developer product — Facebook Login — offers a convenient way for Facebook’s billions of global users to log into thousands of apps and websites. We created this product 12 years ago and it’s been amazing to see the convenience it creates for people around the world. Developers have tapped into the rich personalization that Facebook Login offers, leading to more meaningful and valuable experiences for people.

But we know there’s still so much potential for Facebook Login to harness and deepen the connections created on our platform.

That’s why we’re announcing Login Connect with Messenger, a new feature that allows people to opt into communicating with a business through the Messenger Platform right from the Facebook Login flow. With this new feature, we’re helping businesses cultivate better relationships with their customers by providing stronger customer care and more tailored engagement through the Messenger Platform.

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In testing, we’ve seen Login Connect with Messenger create the following value for businesses:

  • Enables powerful new entry point for customer message threads: We’ve seen more than 70% of users opt in to messaging with businesses that enable Login Connect with Messenger. This creates a vital source of new customer conversations for businesses looking to double down on customer engagement through the Messenger Platform.
  • Deepens new user engagement: Sending personalized welcome messages, offers and product recommendations through the Messenger Platform helps activate new users and facilitate the path to purchase.
  • Enables stronger customer care: Login Connect with Messenger unlocks a new level of efficiency and personalization in customer care. Powerful automation on the Messenger Platform cuts down on the time businesses spend answering basic requests, to provide top-notch customer service and build repeat engagement.

Most exciting of all, our test partners are seeing powerful results from this new feature.

  • Online ticketing platform eTicket uses Login Connect to send personalized event reminders and automate customer care inquiries on Messenger. In testing, eTicket has seen over 85% of their users opt in to receiving outreach from the business on Messenger, and 60% of all customer service inquiries are automatically answered by their Messenger bot. Additionally, 22% of their customers use the Messenger thread created by Login Connect to continue to contact the business.
  • NewChic is an online fashion retailer that integrated Login Connect to provide more personalized new user engagement through welcome messages, incentives and product recommendations. Since launch, NewChic has doubled the Messenger threads and seen a 2.4x increase in Messenger conversions and 3.4x increase in sales on Messenger.
  • Online photobook creator Chatbooks integrated Login Connect amid a broader shift to use Messenger for customer care. As a result, the company has seen a 2x increase in Messenger thread creation and a 41% increase in responses on Messenger — evidence of the timely and reliable support the company is now able to provide through Messenger.

After implementing Login Connect with Messenger, we’ve succeeded in providing better, more personalized customer service and enabling fast and seamless account creation, which have led to huge increases in user engagement as well as in purchases and revenue.” —Miko Su, Head of Marketing, Newchic

Today, Login Connect with Messenger is in a closed beta. We plan to roll out broadly in the coming months. If you’re interested in the feature, reach out to your partner manager. If you do not have a partner manager, submit your information using this form to be notified when the feature is generally available. We’re thrilled to start rolling out Login Connect with Messenger, knowing the value it can create for the people and businesses in our community.

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