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IGTV media and metrics in Instagram Graph API (exclusive to Graph API v10.0)

March 15, 2021ByShailee Thaker

We are excited to share that starting tomorrow, March 16, IGTV media and metrics will become available in the Instagram Graph API. This enhancement to the API will expand developer access to features that have become an integral part of the Instagram experience for people, businesses, publishers, and creators.

Developers who have upgraded to Graph API v10.0 will be able to interact with IGTV objects as explained in the Key Details section below. Two additional fields have also been added to help developers distinguish IGTV videos and fetch video titles.

As there are no new endpoints or permissions, IGTV media and metrics will become automatically available on developers’ apps, and developers will not need to put their apps through additional App Review as long as their apps have already been approved for the appropriate permission access levels.

Key Details

  • IGTV media and metrics will only be available via API if:
    • users first publish IGTV media via the Instagram mobile app, the IGTV mobile app, or Creator Studio. IGTV media cannot be published via API.
    • users have “Post a Preview” or “Share Preview to Feed" enabled/toggled on during the IGTV media publishing process. See here for more details on enabling “Post a Preview” or “Share Preview to Feed".
  • IGTV media and metrics will be available on endpoints associated with the following purposes/use cases:
    • retrieving media, insights, and mentions
    • comment moderation
    • hashtag search
    • business discovery
  • Two new fields created:
    • media_product_type: Allows identification of different Instagram surfaces (IGTV, Feed, Story, Ads)
    • video_title: Text of the IGTV video title used
  • IGTV will not be available via Webhooks

We will update the developer documentation and changelog tomorrow, March 16, with all technical details on IGTV media and metrics available via API.