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App Review improvements for Business Developers

August 4, 2020ByEthan Goldman-Kirst

As part of the initiatives we’re launching to improve the developer experience, we’re customizing and streamlining app onboarding and integration based on the different ways developers and businesses use the Facebook platform. Today, we’re announcing a series of improvements for developers building Business apps to manage their on-Facebook business assets. We’ll be rolling out these updates over the coming weeks.

Simplifying App Review for business apps with data access levels

We’re replacing both Development and Live Mode for business apps with data access levels that streamline integration and offer more flexibility when building and using apps.

In the new model, there are three data access levels for every permission and feature:

  • Standard Access: Grants access to assets and data that a developer’s business or anyone with a role on their app owns. Apps in Development Mode and new apps will be auto-granted Standard Access for every business permission and feature. Live Mode apps will be auto-granted Standard Access for any business permission and feature not previously approved via App Review.
  • Advanced Access: In addition to the data granted in Standard Access, Advanced Access allows access to data owned by other businesses or people. Developers can submit for Advanced Access through App Review for each business permission and feature. Apps in Live Mode will be migrated to Advanced Access for any permissions and features they have already had approved via App Review. All remaining permissions and features will be auto-granted Standard Access.
  • None: No data access. Developers may remove their access for any permission or feature and easily return to prior access level if they choose.

With data access levels, developers can instantly test and use permissions and features on any data and assets that they or anyone else with a role on their app or business own, without having to go through App Review. Learn more about data access levels here.

New Business Asset User Profile Access feature

To further safeguard and protect user data, we’re rolling out a new reviewable feature for Business apps, Business Asset User Profile Access, for access to user profile data through business assets. Details about the new feature are outlined in the v8.0 changelog. Business apps that are currently approved to access user profile data and are actively using it will be migrated to Advanced Access for this feature. Apps that haven’t used this data for 90 days will be migrated to Standard Access and may submit for Advanced Access.

Additional App Review improvements

We’re introducing other App Dashboard updates to streamline App Review based on feedback we’ve heard:

  • Consolidating permissions and features into a single page so that developers can easily find all permissions and features, as well as their access levels, in one place. This includes merging Messenger permissions into this location.
  • More guidance on Ads Management Standard Access eligibility through instant notifications, if your app has not met the API call requirements to submit for App Review.

These updates are part of the initiatives we’re rolling out to drive long-term value for developers while building a safer, more sustainable platform.