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Improved Facebook App Review Process

September 20, 2018ByHanu Awasthy

In May 2018, we announced that all apps using the Facebook Platform APIs would need to go through a more comprehensive review to better protect people's Facebook information.

In the coming months, we will begin proactively enrolling apps in the app review process, if you haven't already enrolled your app in the new process. You will receive an alert in your app dashboard when your app has been enrolled. Even with this new proactive enrollment process, developers are still encouraged to continue to submit apps for review — and if you have already submitted your app, you will not be affected by this new process.

We're working to better support our Facebook developers through the app review process and to this end, we will be launching a tailored review process for our developers that are not associated with a business entity. In the coming weeks, we will offer an individual verification process where registered developers can submit their apps for review from their app dashboard.

We've also introduced several new improvements that will make the app review experience easier for developers. Developers can now modify basic and advanced app settings and add new products to their app while their review decision is still pending. These updates will allow developers to continue to build their apps during the review process.

Additionally, we've updated the process to support developers using server-to-server integrations, such as Lead Ads. Developers can now select server-to-server as a platform option during the app review process.

With these new developments, we continue working to protect people's information and maintain the integrity of the platform, while offering a simpler Facebook App Review and support for developers.