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Introducing Codeless App Events Setup as Part of New Facebook SDK

June 25, 2018ByWei Liu

As the app economy grows, and people increasingly rely on mobile to interact with businesses and complete daily tasks, it's important to create app marketing campaigns that are more agile and reach the right people without overtaxing expensive developer resources. Today we are announcing a new feature, Codeless Events Setup for Apps, to help developers and businesses understand how people interact with their business on mobile more efficiently -- in minutes, not months.

“We've gone from waiting for weeks to minutes, to get marketing changes deployed in our app...this is HUGE!” -- Rikant Pitti, Co-founder, EaseMyTrip

With Codeless Events Setup, developers and businesses can move more quickly, and developers can focus on creating new app features rather than marketing updates. This creates the opportunity for more efficient, agile marketing for your mobile app. To get started today, developers must integrate the new Marketing Kit into their app. Step-by-step instructions are available in the developer docs here.