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Changes to our Developer Offerings

November 16, 2017ByMing Li

We're continuously evaluating how to best serve our developer community. To support this effort, we recently reviewed our product offerings to ensure our resources are focused on building and enhancing the solutions that create the most value for developers.

As a result, some products will sunset in order for us to build new products for our developer community.

These products are deprecated today, and the deprecation cycle will run for 90 days until 2/5/2018:

  • App Invites: App Invites will no longer be supported starting with Facebook SDK version 4.28 and above. Previous versions of the SDK can still access App Invites, but starting 2/6, App Invites will no longer be supported.
  • edge.create and edge.remove JS SDK Events: These Events will no longer be accessible. As an alternative, you can use our Webhooks and be notified every time someone likes one of your Facebook Pages.
  • Native Like Button: The Native Like Button, designed for mobile apps, will no longer be supported starting with Facebook SDK version 4.28 and above. Previous versions of the SDK can still use the Native Like Button, but starting 2/6, the Native Like Button will no longer be supported. After 2/6, the dialogs for Native Like will no longer appear and taps on any native like button will result in no action.
  • App Links Host: Starting today, we will be sunsetting App Links Host. For the next 90 days, GET operations will still work, but POST will no longer be supported. On 2/6, all calls to the endpoint will fail with error.
  • Comment Mirroring: Pages that currently have Comment Mirroring enabled will continue to mirror comments for the next 90 days. Full deprecation of Comment Mirroring will conclude on 2/6/2018. Comment Mirroring is no longer available for Pages that do not have it enabled already.
  • Send Button: As there are many other options to sharing a link, the Send button will no longer be available. Developers should use the Share dialog instead.
  • Follow Button: With multiple options to follow a person or a Page, the Follow button has become redundant. You can use the Like button plugin as an alternative, which provides the ability to subscribe to a public profile or a Facebook Page's public updates.
  • Sharing Insights: The Sharing Insights link and tab from Facebook Analytics will be removed on 2/6.

Starting today, we are hosting a Q&A for you to ask questions about these changes on our Facebook Developer Community Group.