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New Graph API Explorer Features

August 11, 2015ByStepan Generalov

The Graph API Explorer is a simple interface for authenticating, making API requests, and easily debugging responses. It is one of our most popular Facebook Developer tools, and back in April we asked the Facebook Developer community for feedback on improvements.[1]

Today, we're excited to announce several new updates in response to your feedback. We've made improvements to three key areas: code generation, history/favorites, and a simplified interface. We hope these additions will make it easier to integrate your apps with the Facebook Graph API.

1) Code Generation

One of the most popular features requested was a simple way to generate code from Graph API requests. You can now click “Get Code” to easily copy-paste your request in one of the following formats: Android SDK, iOS SDK, Javascript SDK, PHP SDK, or cURL.

2) Favorites and History

You can now interact and replay requests in the Graph API Explorer with these two new methods:

  • History retrieves recent method calls from your app admin and developer devices to allow you to replay them directly in the Graph API Explorer.

  • Favorites allow you to save/bookmark an important or frequently used request.

3) Simplified Interface

In an effort to simplify interactions with our tools, we've also streamlined two commonly used features in the Graph API Explorer interface:

  • The HTTP request method, version selector, and path are now combined into a single component.

  • The Token Debugger tool has now been combined within Access Token section. This should eliminate the need to switch between browser tabs when debugging access tokens.

We know that the Graph API Explorer is an important part of your workflow when developing apps with Facebook, and we're always working on improving it further. We want to hear from you — please share any feedback in the Facebook Developer Community group.

Learn more about getting started on Graph API here.

[1] FB Developer Community Poll: