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Today we are launching Graph API v2.4, our fifth versioned release.

July 8, 2015BySteven Elia

We are excited to announce the launch of Graph API v2.4. This is our fifth versioned API release since we committed to versioning our core APIs and SDKs in 2014, which gives developers more control over when and how they opt into new features. We're also announcing updated iOS and Android SDKs designed to work with Graph API v2.4.

Here are the key updates in this version:

  • New Insights for Page videos:v2.4 includes additional metrics in the Page Insights API for tracking performance of the videos you upload to your Page. You can now view information about total plays, autoplays, and paid vs. organic views.
  • Additional categorization for Page videos: When uploading videos to your Page, you can now choose a category, indicate whether the video is embeddable, and set the expiration behavior.
  • Fewer default fields for faster performance: To help improve performance on mobile network connections, we've reduced the number of fields that the API returns by default. You should now use the ?fields=field1,field2syntax to declare all the fields you want the API to return.
  • Simplified access to Timeline posts: We've simplified how you access content from a person's Timeline if the person has given your app permission to do so. Instead of different object types for statuses and links, the API now returns a standardized Post node with attachments that represent the type of shared content.
  • Marketing API improvements: In v2.4, you can now use labels to tag campaigns, adsets, ads, and creatives. This helps you organize your ad objects, and query for insights aggregated by label. We've also consolidated multiple metrics endpoints into the Marketing Insights API to improve consistency when accessing ad performance data.

For a complete list of new features, changes, and deprecations, see the Graph API changelog and upgrade guide and the Marketing API changelog and upgrade guide.

How to Upgrade to v2.4

To upgrade, mobile developers should download our latest iOS and Android SDKs (v4.4). Web developers should declare v2.4 in the version property when calling the init() method of the JavaScript SDK. Developers calling the Graph API directly should specify /v2.4/ in the URL path.

With the release of API v2.4 and in keeping with our versioning process, Graph API v2.3 will be deprecated on July 8, 2017 and Marketing API v2.3 will be deprecated in 90 days' time on October 7, 2015.

A reminder that API v2.0 will be deprecated in just over one year's time on Aug 7, 2016. If you are still using FQL, we recommend upgrading to API v2.1 or greater as soon as possible.