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Find the Facebook Team in November

November 2, 2012ByBear Douglas

If you're interested in learning more about Facebook Platform, getting live help from us at hackathons, or hearing about other tech topics, here's where we'll be in November:

QCon San Francisco: San Francisco, November 5-9. QCon has two tutorial days and three conference days covering a wide variety of topics in software development. Join us for a talk about cross-platform mobile distribution, and how to put people at the heart of the app's experience to ensure that it gets the discovery and the distribution it deserves.

Full Frontal: Brighton, November 9. Full Frontal is a one-day, multi-track JavaScript conference. We'll discuss mobile web architecture and the choices facing web developers today.

espnW Hack Day: Stanford, November 9-11. Join other sports- and tech-loving girl engineers to build social apps for athletes and fans. We'll be there to help you with your Facebook integration, and will have prizes for the best app.

Handheld Conference: Cardiff, November 19. Handheld is a mobile-focused conference for designers and developers. Join us for a session where we discuss what's holding the mobile web back, and what Facebook is doing to help.

iOS Developers Meetup: Facebook Campus, Menlo Park, November 19. Come visit us at Facebook HQ to hear from our iOS engineers about the experience of building the new Facebook app and the new SDK. We'll discuss how we built the app from the ground up, including lessons learned and helpful hints for iOS developers who want to develop apps for scale. We'll also do a technical deep dive into our SDK, heavy on code and examples, in order to facilitate a discussion on the philosophy behind the SDKs and how best to build a rich social experience for mobile apps.

droidconNL: Amsterdam, November 22-23. droidconNL is the largest Android conference in the Netherlands. We'll take you through our new Android SDK and how to use Open Graph to get better distribution for your apps.

SAP Techniversity: Bangalore, November 26. SAP Techniversity gives students a chance to work with products and technology in a business setting outside the classroom. Learn about Facebook's platform, chat with our engineers, and learn about opportunities at Facebook in India.

Facebook Windows 8 Hackathon: Buenos Aires, November 27; Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, November 30. Join us for two day-long hacks to try out building social apps for Windows 8. Web programmers will be able to build native apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, and the Facebook and Microsoft teams will be on hand to help. Microsoft will also provide test devices and tools to run Windows 8 on your machine.

AngelHack San Francisco: December 1-2. AngelHack is a 2-day hackathon held in 11 cities worldwide, where the winners are given the chance to demo their apps to VCs. We'll be there in San Francisco with a session on our APIs, SDKs, and other dev tools.

If you want to see the full list of places we're planning to be in the coming months, check out our calendar on Lanyrd. We hope to see you soon!