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Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS

August 7, 2012ByJason Clark

The Facebook SDK for iOS is coming out of beta today and is ready for use in your iOS apps. This release enables several new features: ready-to-use native UI controls, better session management, improved support for calling Facebook APIs and support for modern Objective-C language features.

The SDK also includes a variety of pre-built user interface (UI) components for common functions, such as Login, Friend Picker and Place Picker. Simply drop them into your apps for a fast, native and consistent way to build common features.

Since launching the SDK in beta, we’ve received great feedback from all of you. We've taken your suggestions seriously and made several enhancements based on what you’ve said is useful to you. Here’s a rundown of the key updates:

  • Updated native UI components and added internationalization support
  • Refined and simplified core APIs, including session and request objects
  • Bug fixes and increased stability

The 3.0 release is the most significant overhaul of our SDK yet. We’ll continue updating the SDK to address bugs and feedback in the coming months. At this point, we’ll maintain two versions of the SDK: a master version that reflects our production codebase, and a beta version that also includes the forthcoming iOS 6 integration.

Start developing today to take advantage of these powerful new tools and resources. Share your feedback with us on Facebook's StackOverflow page with the tag: Facebook-iOS-sdk.

Download the SDK now.