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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

June 27, 2012ByJeff Bowen

Since last Wednesday's update, we announced the built-in follow action, shared guidance on how to grow mobile games and apps with Facebook, and announced plans to help you stay connected to other Facebook developers with Meetups.

Adding multiple photos and location to Open Graph actions

Photos and places are important for helping users tell rich stories. As such we've now added the ability to attach multiple photos to Open Graph actions and have added better location support. You can now associate your own location data with your Open Graph actions and objects. This means that you can create your own place objects or use a third party location service instead of Facebook place IDs. Stories that include a location will appear on a user’s Timeline map and will be included in their News Feed stories and aggregations.

To take advantage of this expanded location functionality, in your app's Open Graph settings, select "place" from the drop down menu when defining an object and specify the location property with the "GeoPoint" type. You must also select the "places" checkbox when you submit your action for approval. There may be scenarios where you want to rely on third-party location services like Foursquare to attach location data to your actions. We will now accept third party locations and treat them appropriately.

Check out our documentation to learn more about publishing multiple photos for an action and tagging locations in actions.

New summary count fields in event FQL table

We've added the following fields to the event FQL table to make it easier to get the counts of users RSVP-ed to an event:

  • all_members_count
  • attending_count
  • unsure_count
  • declined_count
  • not_replied_count

For more informations, check out the event FQL table documentation.

New date for offline_access permission removal

We were originally planning to remove the offline_access permission next week but have moved that change back to October 3rd, 2012. The Developer Roadmap has been updated. Please see the Removal of offline_access permission doc for more information.

Next week's breaking changes

Several breaking changes will be going into effect next week on Thursday, July 5th. Normally, per our Breaking Change policy, we only introduce breaking changes on the first Wednesday of the month but July 4th is a U.S. holiday. Please review this list of changes to ensure your app is up to date and will continue working after we make these changes next week.

Changes without migrations

  • Removing FB.Canvas.setAutoResize
  • Event GETs from Graph API/FQL will require an access token

Changes in "July 2012 Breaking Changes" migration

  • Removing display=wap dialogs
  • Removing some event FQL object fields
  • Coordinate-less tags
  • Removing bookmark.add and profile.addtab dialogs
  • Moving "type" property into "metadata" array

Changes in other migrations

  • Removal of FBML
  • Updating Page "hours" property
  • Batch API exception format
  • Removing timezone from event times

For the full details on all these changes, please check out the Developer Roadmap.

September migration now available

The "September 2012 Breaking Changes" migration is now available for you to test your apps to see if they will be affected by the breaking changes happening on September 5th, 2012. Check out the Developer Roadmap for more information on what changes are included in the migration.

Check your privacy policy

It is critical that people have a clear understanding about how the information they share with apps is used. As outlined in our policies, every app on Facebook must provide the URL to their privacy policy in the Dev App.

Starting next week, we will send weekly warnings via email to the developers of apps that have do not have a live privacy policy URL listed in the Dev App. If you have not resolved the issue by the third warning, your app will be placed into sandbox mode and users will not be able to access it. To get your app out of sandbox mode, you will need to go into the Advanced Dialog tab of the Dev App and add the URL to your privacy policy.

Javascript SDK cleanup

We are continuing to reduce the number of methods exposed by the global FB object in the Javascript SDK and will now start to log a warning to the console whenever a non-documented method is used. At a later time, these will all be stubbed with empty functions before finally being removed entirely from the FB object. For the list of publicly available methods, please see the Javascript SDK documentation.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between Wednesday, June 20th and Wednesday, June 27th.

Bugs activity

  • 183 bugs were reported
  • 24 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 11 bugs were by design
  • 6 bugs were fixed
  • 43 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

Bugs fixed

Activity on

  • 487 questions asked
  • 356 questions with a score of 0 or greater
  • 121 answered, 34% answered rate
  • 215 replied, 60% reply rate