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Stay Connected with Facebook Developer Meetups

June 22, 2012ByBear Douglas

Many of you have expressed interest in starting meetup groups and other events in your local area to stay in better touch with fellow Facebook developers. For example, we have seen several meetups come out of Facebook HACKs in places like London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, and New York, where discussion groups from the event grew to include more of the local developer community. We'd love to see you add your city to that list, and today we are launching a sponsorship program to help you get a group started.

As part of the new program, we will cover the organizer dues on for the first 50 groups whose applications are approved. To be eligible, your group must plan to meet at least once every three months, and must cover content relevant to Facebook developers. To apply, send an email with your name, location, and content plan for your first meetup to

You can also check out the new community page to stay up to date on what we’re up to. We will post the HACKs we're running, events we'll be attending, and links to community resources like the Facebook Developers Group.

We are lucky to have a strong community interested in supporting one another. Check out our new resources and hopefully we'll see you out there!