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Announcing v2.3 and Ads Insights Edge

March 25, 2015ByGeorge Xian Zeng

Today, we're delighted to announce the next version of the Marketing APIs - version 2.3. We're also excited to announce a new Ads Insights Edge API.

Marketing API v2.3 Feature Highlights

In v2.3, we've changed:

  • added chunked video uploads to significantly reduce video failure rate. With chunked video uploads, validations are moved to before the video is uploaded. In addition, if you lose an Internet connection, uploads can be resumed from where they left off
  • deprecated an ad's creative_ids and objective fields
  • like all the other Marketing APIs, required Reach Estimate APIs to be called with a user access token instead of a Page access token
  • for all breaking changes, see the Marketing API v2.3 changelog

Ads Insights Edge Feature Highlights

In the new Ad Insights Edge, we'll consolidate functionality from /stats, /conversions, and /reportstats edges into a single, consistent /insights edge.

  • we have a new /insights endpoint with the accessibility of /stats and /conversions but with all the power of /reportstats
    • supports all the advanced features of Report Stats like breakdowns, action breakdowns, time_increments, attribution windows and *reporting time *
  • since it’s an edge off any ad object, it can also be requested from any ad object edge and combined with any graph filtering or sorting
  • we’ve also streamlined the asynchronous workflow
  • for the full list of changes, see the Insights Documentation Page

Besides the Marketing API v2.3 Changelog, the Insights documentation page, and the video upload documentation, you can also reference the Graph API v2.3 Changelog for the broader list of changes.

How to Upgrade to Marketing API v2.3

To upgrade to v2.3, please reference the Marketing API v2.3 Upgrade Guide. SDK developers should download our latest PHP and Python Marketing API SDKs. Web developers should specify /v2.3/ in your URLs when calling the Graph API.