Amplifying photography achievements and driving app virality with Sharing to Stories

Sharing to Stories


Online community of photography enthusiasts

ViewBug is a community of 3+ million creators that offers tools for photographers to take their photography to the next level. Some of these tools are daily photo challenges, tips and techniques, inspirational galleries and more. We’ve been honored to be Apple’s App of the Day and New Apps We Love, and our mission is to help empower a community of visual creatives worldwide.


increase in people sharing their contest participation and ranking


Increasing app virality

We’re always looking for more ways to grow our photography community, especially through word of mouth. We wanted to increase shareability of the ViewBug app by having our content be more viral. Since Instagram is a popular destination for photography creators, we thought about ways to have our product get more exposure there.

In our photo challenges, we have a feature that encourages people to share their participation in the contest, as well as their final ranking. We saw that our community members were taking screenshots of their rankings and sharing it on Instagram, so we looked into ways that would make the sharing process easier for them.


Amplifying personal victories with Sharing to Stories

We found out about the Sharing to Stories integration, which provides a smooth sharing experience. The product team decided to implement it so that members could beautifully display their submissions and show off their rankings in their Instagram Stories.

The integration process was extremely easy! Like the dev docs show, it was an easy implementation to the UI and product flow. Once the design and product team approved the implementation, we handed it over to the dev team. The process was straightforward and simple to follow. It literally took a matter of hours on the dev side to implement and for our QA team to test.


Higher social shares and easier measurement

After enabling Sharing to Stories, we’ve seen a 2x increase of people sharing their challenge participation and ranking on Instagram Stories. This is because our members are proud to share their statistics with their followers. In addition, we’re also seeing that contest participants are sharing multiple times. This is great because it means that the sharing feature isn’t only for one-time use, but for multiple times.

For us at ViewBug, we now have an easier way to measure how many times people are sharing to Instagram Stories—no more manually tracking mentions on Instagram and users’ stories!

“Implementing the Sharing to Instagram Stories feature was a no-brainer for our product team. The feature was extremely easy to implement and the Facebook team was super friendly and helpful. Our users now have a seamless experience and the UI flow is perfect to encourage participants to share their submissions and contest ranks on their Instagram Stories.”

Ori Guttin
ViewBug Co-Founder


Sharing to Stories

With millions of daily active users on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories, Sharing to Stories is a scalable, immersive, and open platform for developer partners to build with.