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An extensive parenting resource

Founded by Roshni Mahtani-Cheung, online community theAsianparent aims to provide parents and families with important information about nutrition, education and childcare to help them raise healthy families and connect with a community of parents. It serves over 30 million users monthly via its website and app, is available in 13 countries and 11 languages, and offers an influencer program called VIP that connects its network with brands that want to engage with parents.


of app users are logging in via FaceBook Login


year-on-year increase of app usage


annual increase in new app users logging in


A smooth login experience

TheAsianparent wanted to offer its community a seamless way to log into the app, as well as connect and authenticate their accounts with Facebook.


Introducing a login solution

To simplify the user registration process for its users, theAsianparent integrated Facebook Login into its platform so that people could use the data from an existing Facebook profile to sign up for an account or login to the app swiftly and simply. To do this, the parenting platform’s in-house team of developers used the documentation provided by Meta for Developers to implement and launch the tool.

After launching Facebook Login, existing app users were able to connect to theAsianparent app and easily find their friends and connections from Facebook who also use the app.


Growing the community naturally

By integrating Facebook Login into its platform, theAsianparent provided its users with a seamless and friction-free login option that also helped them forge more meaningful connections. Since March 2020, it has earned the following results:

  • 60% of TheAsianparent app users are logging in to the app via FB login (Sept 2021).
  • 43% year-on-year increase of app usage from Facebook Login users (September 2020–September 2021)
  • 15% annual increase in new app users logging in via Facebook Login (March 2020 to March 2021)
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“theAsianparent is more than just an app – it’s a platform where parents can access the tools, information, and community necessary to help guide them through their pregnancy and parenting journey. A seamless onboarding and user authentication process is key to helping more people use our app, and Facebook Login has helped us positively impact more parents and parents-to-be to have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy families.”

Fiza Malhotra
Chief Brand Officer, theAsianparent


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