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Fun and easy photography

SNOW Corporation is headquartered in South Korea, and we are the parent company of SNOW, B612, SODA, and Foodie, among other apps. Our family of camera and photo editing apps have gained popularity globally with more than 1.5 billion downloads.


Listening to user feedback

In a user survey, we learned that many users in B612 app, one of the most popular camera apps under SNOW Corporation, want to share their spontaneous, everyday moments – such as where they are and what they are doing – with their friends through channels like Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Based on this finding, we wanted to enable that experience directly in our apps.


Building new functionality

Since posting and sharing content from camera apps to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is critical for user satisfaction and user acquisition, we looked for ways to make this happen easily in our B612 app.

We integrated Sharing to Stories for B612 so that our users could quickly take photos and videos, edit them, and then share with their friends and followers in real time by posting them to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

To do this, our team of product managers, designers, and engineers worked on a dedicated Stories tab in the camera so that our users could easily create and share content specifically for stories. We also built more than 50 different photo and video effects so that people can express themselves creatively.

Our Success

After introducing Sharing to Stories to B612, we saw a 3X increase in people sharing photos and videos to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, as well as higher user satisfaction. We then integrated Sharing to Stories into our other apps, including SNOW, SODA and Foodie. Sharing to Stories has helped us make it easier for our users to share daily updates with their friends seamlessly.

3X increase in Sharing to Stories

“At SNOW Corporation our primary goal is to give our users creative ways to capture everyday moments. A large part of our user base also uses Instagram and Facebook and after hearing they wanted an easy way to share their images from our apps to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, we wanted to accommodate the request. By integrating Sharing to Stories, our users can now seamlessly share from our photography apps directly to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, thus ensuring an innovative way to express themselves.”

Changwook Kim
CEO, SNOW Corporation


Sharing to Stories

With millions of daily active users on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories, Sharing to Stories is a scalable, immersive, and open platform for developer partners to build with.