Achieving a 30% higher conversion rate with Facebook Login ID

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Connecting parents with quality children’s apparel

After becoming friends while attending university and then working as engineers in Silicon Valley, Albert Wang and Ken Gao founded ecommerce platform PatPat in 2014, with the aim of making it easier for parents to find stain-resistant and eco-friendly children’s apparel. To help people easily sign up for an account to use its website and mobile app, the brand has been using Facebook Login.

Over 2X

high return on ad spend (compared to business-as-usual campaign)

Over 30%

higher conversion rate (compared to business-as-usual campaign)


Promoting efficiency

PatPat wanted to know if it could connect with more people, encourage them to sign up for an account and maintain loyal customers at a lower cost, while prioritizing people’s privacy.


Measuring additional impact

PatPat worked with Meta to test whether Facebook Login ID, which can function as a match key, could help the team reach more potential customers interested in its products, and boost important business metrics. Match keys are identifiers used to match data between two databases. In this context, match keys are user identifiers that advertisers have permission to share with the Conversions API to help provide a personalized ad experience across Meta technologies.

For the test, PatPat ran a conversion lift study comparing two types of campaigns: one that used the Meta Pixel including the Login ID signal and its business-as-usual campaign that used the pixel only.


Better business results

Since including Facebook Login ID as a match key in its campaigns, PatPat has seen an improvement in incremental conversions and return on ad spend. Between May 23 and June 6, 2022, the ecommerce company’s campaign that combined the Meta Pixel and the Login ID signal earned the following results:

  • Over 2X high return on ad spend (compared to business-as-usual campaign)
  • Over 30% higher conversion rate (compared to business-as-usual campaign)
*Results are unique and are provided by the featured business. Success story results will vary, as they depend on a variety of factors.

Meta ad solutions have been very helpful as we expand our brand and provide high-quality children’s clothing to parents and their loved ones. After implementing the Conversions API and testing the Facebook Login ID signal as a match key, we’ve seen a significant lift in ad performance. By leveraging Facebook Login and Meta ad solutions, we’ve been able to reach new users at a lower cost and are better serving our loyal customers with a privacy-first approach.

Ken Gao
COO, PatPat


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