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Accessible fitness training programs

A fitness and exercise app with more than 27 million installs, Muscle Booster helps people become more active by providing a smart training algorithm that encourages them to achieve their training goals. In addition, we offer fitness-related content such as workout videos and tutorials so that people can train both at home and in the gym.


higher 7-day and 14-day retention rate for people who shared the results of their workout on Facebook Stories compared to those who did not


Helping people stay motivated

We know our customers lead busy lives and that they often find it challenging to remain motivated and active. We wanted to help people using our app remain motivated and focused on their fitness journey by receiving support from their friends and family. To achieve this, we looked for a simple solution that allowed people to draw upon the power of their community on Facebook, and hear positive feedback.


Encouraging users to share their workout results

To help people stay motivated about fitness, we integrated Sharing to Stories with our app. When someone finishes a workout, we have a “Share” button that prompts them to directly post their training results and fitness-related victories and achievements to Facebook Stories. For the content to be shared, we focused on what people want to share and allow them to choose any motivational poster from our selection or upload their own photo or use a special background. We also show the result of the training: duration, total calories, and exercises.

As for the integration itself, building with Sharing to Stories was simple, and our team was happy with how easy the solution was to implement. It only took a day and a half to complete and roll-out to users.


Increased user retention rates

After integrating Sharing to Stories, we saw strong success among both our users and our app:

  • Of those who finished a workout, 5% of them shared the results with their friends on Facebook Stories
  • Both 7-day and 14-day retention rates for people who shared their workout results on Facebook Stories were 25% higher than for people who did not share

After seeing our success with Sharing to Stories, our parent company, A.L. Amazing Apps, integrated and launched it in our sister apps.

“By integrating Sharing to Stories, our users are now able to quickly and easily post their workout results and celebrate fitness achievements with their community on Facebook. We’re happy that we’ve been able to help them get more support from friends and family on their fitness journey. Integrating with Sharing to Stories has positively impacted our app retention—so much so that we decided to integrate it with our other apps. It also provides an opportunity to attract more users organically.”

Artem Soroka
Chief Product Officer, Muscle Booster


Sharing to Stories

With millions of daily active users on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories, Sharing to Stories is a scalable, immersive, and open platform for developer partners to build with.