Facebook's Instant Games helps FRVR grow engagement and revenue

The Story

Facebook's Instant Games helps FRVR grow engagement and revenue

FRVR is a successful game developer that is dedicated to building fun, accessible games that anyone can play and enjoy. FRVR recognized a huge opportunity to grow their business with the launch of Instant Games, a cross-platform experience that enables people to play games on Messenger and Facebook Feed from any type of device.

The Goal

FRVR wanted to build a business around doing what they love – creating fun, engaging games for a global audience to enjoy. Intrigued by the idea of helping players to find and enjoy a game without having to download a new app, FRVR turned to the Instant Games platform.

“The Instant Games platform allows us to reach players where they have already decided they want to spend time, rather than trying to entice them to download our apps, which is a big barrier to get players into new games. With Instant Games, Facebook has shown to be the fastest innovator in the market.” – Chris Benjaminsen. Founder, FRVR

The Solution

FRVR leveraged Instant Games as a way to grow the audience for their portfolio of titles, which include puzzle, sports, and social games. FRVR has seen significant growth for their titles on the Instant Games platform, particularly for Basketball FRVR, an engaging and simple to play hoops game that anyone can play on mobile and desktop.

FRVR integrated Facebook's in-game advertising solutions powered by Audience Network to help monetize and fund further investments in Basketball. Ads based monetization has changed the company's velocity dramatically - Basketball FRVR alone is on track to earn over 7-digits in ad revenue annually, and has been played more than 4.2B times.

Example of FRVR integration of Facebook's in-game advertising solution

Because Instant Games is part of the Facebook family of apps and services, FRVR was able to connect with those they most wanted to reach at scale. Tailoring their game specifically for Messenger, FRVR designed Basketball to have short, engaging sessions, allowing players to comfortably play while also having a conversation. Additionally, FRVR created an interactive bot that features a quest mode, high score leaderboard lists, and more, helping to drive engagement and keep users coming back more often. Finally, FRVR utilized Facebook Analytics to better understand their audience and iterate quickly on gameplay features that kept their players engaged for longer.

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Basketball FRVR

FRVR has always been a company that enjoys the advantages of social platforms. That said, Instant Games has proven to be the gold standard for opening up a channel. It allows us to interact with the players in relevant ways via bots and participation in the active conversation through game messages.

Chris Benjaminsen, Founder, FRVR

The Results

Thanks to the massive reach, accessibility and unique functionality of the Instant Games platform, FRVR has achieved their goals of growing their business and connecting with a large audience at scale.

  • FRVR’s games have been played more than 500 million times
  • 4.2B games of Basketball have been played
  • Basketball FRVR is generating over 7-digits in advertising revenue annually
  • Comparable eCPM and ARPDAUs to other mobile gaming platforms