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Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls Sees Engagement and Sales Rise with Instagram Direct

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Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls



Responsiveness, mouthwatering photos, and viral videos are key ingredients in Cranky Granny’s success, driving awareness, engagement, and sales. With a careful mix of automation and personal touch, the company uses Instagram Direct to grow its business.


increase in followers after using Instagram Direct professional inbox


increase in sales coming from Instagram through website


of customers come to website from Instagram

*All results are self-reported and not identifiably repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.


In the kitchen with family and friends

Inspired by an entrepreneur and a chef while in high school, Sianni Dean started Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls with a solid business plan and a simple mission to create happy moments through delicious treats–an homage to her own Granny. With help from Instagram Direct, the small bakery grew its customer base despite multiple moves and a pandemic. Now shipping across the US and serving local customers through online orders, Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls connects community, family, and food.


Drive greater engagement

When Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls debuted on Instagram, its delicious photos and scrumptious variations made a quick impression. To build on that success, Cranky Granny’s wanted to engage directly with followers and potential customers in a personalized way.


Instagram Direct engagement tools

Cranky Granny's has seen dramatic growth in followers and engagement with Instagram Direct. To stay responsive, efficient, and creative, the company relies on saved replies, shared links, tabs, filtering, and polls.

For example, saved replies are used to answer common questions, delivering quick responses to customers and saving staff time. Shared links in messages make it easy to point customers to content such as order forms or coupons. The company plans to set up automated FAQs for instant answers.

Primary and General tabs help with sorting messages by priority and Filtering finds any messages left unread. Polls gather market insight, create engagement, and determine customer interest in pop up locations around Texas. Following each poll, Cranky Granny’s can direct a discount code or other reward to respondents via a direct message.

The company relies on the Professional Dashboard to learn which posts have the most engagement so it can build on its successes. Posts with high engagement drive inbox traffic that leads to increased interactions and sales. When its first reel video of a sweet roll being pulled apart went viral, Cranky Granny’s could plainly see from the dashboard–and the Instagram Direct inbox–that the experiment succeeded and should be repeated.


Direct value achieved

Cranky Granny’s has gathered a large following, built relationships, and gained insights through polling with the help of Instagram Direct. Specific successes include:

  • 30% increase in followers
  • 20% increase in sales
  • 43% of website traffic
*All results are self-reported and not identifiably repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“What separates us from being just another entrepreneur or small business is that we are building strong customer relationships. We do that through Instagram Direct.”

Sianni Dean
Owner, Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls



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