Portal FAQ

Portal and Portal+ are a family of home video communications devices that make it easier to connect with loved ones and share the little everyday moments that relationships are built on. Immersive AR and shared content experiences that take advantage of the unique features of Portal, like a large HD screen, Smart Camera, and Smart Sound will help consumers deepen connections with their friends and loved ones. These could be experiences like listening to music together, cooking your favorite recipe, playing an AR-enhanced board game, or catching up on the daily news.

Portal content experiences can support a range of connections, including Portal to Portal, Portal to Messenger, and Messenger to Portal. We are developing tools and guidance around the best types of content experiences for each type of connection available with Portal.

Portal has Amazon Alexa built in, so if you have a published skill on Alexa, that means that users may be able access your skill via Alexa on Portal. Some features not yet supported by Amazon Voice Services (AVS) on Portal include certain third-party skills (e.g. smart home security, camera feeds), visual lists of cards with attribution (e.g. "Show me some pizza places nearby"), and Prime Video playback.