Social experiences for Portal

Portal and Portal+ are home video communication devices that offer smart, hands - free video calling. Connecting through Portal feels like being together in the same room, even when you are far apart.

Built on the open-source Android platform.

Do more together with shared experiences

Exciting social experiences, like listening to music together*, playing games, catching up on daily news, cooking your favorite recipe or making your stories come to life, make for more meaningful and memorable connections.

Built on the Messenger platform

Portal users can call anyone on Messenger, even if they don't have a Portal device.

Unique platform capabilities

Smart Camera automatically keeps everyone in frame as they move around. Smart Sound enhances the voice of whoever is speaking and filters out background noise.

Alexa built in

Your Alexa skill works on Portal and soon this will include skills optimized for Amazon Alexa's Smart Screen and TV Device SDK.

Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.

We’re moving beyond 2D screens and into immersive experiences like virtual and augmented reality, helping create the next evolution of social technology.


Ready to build, but have a few more questions? Check out our FAQs:

What types of content experiences are best to develop for Portal? What will be unique about the Portal experience for content creators?

Portal and Portal+ are a family of home video communications devices that make it easier to connect with loved ones and share the little everyday moments that relationships are built on. Immersive AR and shared content experiences that take advantage of the unique features of Portal, like a large HD screen, Smart Camera, and Smart Sound will help consumers deepen connections with their friends and loved ones. These could be experiences like listening to music together, cooking your favorite recipe, playing an AR-enhanced board game, or catching up on the daily news.

Are all content experiences only available on Portal? Can Portal content experiences be distributed on Facebook or other channels?

Portal content experiences can support a range of connections, including Portal to Portal, Portal to Messenger, and Messenger to Portal. We are developing tools and guidance around the best types of content experiences for each type of connection available with Portal.

If I have published skills available with Amazon Alexa, does that mean my skills will be available for Portal users?

Portal has Amazon Alexa built in, so if you have a published skill on Alexa, that means that users may be able access your skill via Alexa on Portal. Some features not yet supported by Amazon Voice Services (AVS) on Portal include certain third-party skills (e.g. smart home security, camera feeds), visual lists of cards with attribution (e.g. "Show me some pizza places nearby"), and Prime Video playback.

What platform/OS is Portal built on?

Portal is built on an open-source Android platform.

Will my current Android App run on Portal? When will there be an SDK or access to APIs for content creators to develop content experiences for Portal?

At the moment, we're working on supporting Android Tablet APKs in the future so you can bring content you've already built on Android to Portal for users to enjoy. Visit the Portal Product Page to learn more and stay up to date on the latest news by joining the Portal developer community.

If I currently distribute my app/content through Facebook (or I have integration with the Facebook platform), can I also distribute it on Portal?

Portal content experiences can support a range of connections, including Portal to Portal, Portal to Messenger, and Messenger to Portal. Facebook Watch is available on Portal, so you can watch popular content even when you are not on mobile. Select instant games are also available for asynchronous play. In-call play of instant games is coming soon. We are working to enable more of the content you've already built for other Facebook platforms to be enjoyed by Portal users.

How can I make my Instant Game available on Portal?

We're working on developing guidelines and tools to support games developers who are interested in having their game come to Portal. Sign up here to join our developer community to get updates on Portal.

I'm a publisher or content creator and would like to connect with you to understand how my content could appear on Story Time. How do I do that?

If you are a publisher or a content creator that is not a technical developer and would like to see your content appear in Story Time, sign up on the Portal Product Page to share your interest. We will contact you directly if there is a match.

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