Meta Marketing API

Create, manage and optimize ad campaigns across Meta’s family of apps including Facebook and Instagram.

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Scale your ads business efficiently

Streamline advertising processes, improve targeting capabilities, and maximize the effectiveness of ad campaigns on Meta platforms.

The API provides a way to interact with Meta’s advertising platform programmatically, allowing for more efficient and customized ad management processes. Developers can automate various aspects of the APIs to drive more effective advertising strategies, optimize performance, and effectively utilize budgets.

Enhance Your Advertising Efforts

The Marketing API can programmatically access Meta’s advertising platform and optimize your business operations and much more.

Manage Ads

Drive workflow efficiency and build functionality that goes beyond manual ads management. Manage ads programmatically, including creating, updating, and deleting ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads. It provides the ability to retrieve ad performance data, optimize ad delivery, and automate ad management tasks.

Track Conversion Events

Optimize and measure your ads using the Conversions API: a more secure way of sharing marketing data than traditional browser-based methods. Learn what the Conversions API can do for your business.

Access Insights

Use Ads Insights API to access valuable insights and analytics about your ad campaigns including metrics on engagement, conversions, and more. By analyzing these insights, businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize advertising strategies.

Track Performance & Optimize in Real Time

Manage and optimize ads in real time using rules-based ads management. Set up your own custom rules and notifications to start and stop ads, adjust bids, and even reallocate spend at different thresholds. With new scheduled and trigger-based rules, Facebook's automated rules engine makes automating optimization and ads management easier than ever.

Integrate with Third-Party Tools

Integrating the API with third-parties enhances the capabilities of the API and provides your businesses with more comprehensive insights into your advertising efforts.

Automate Catalog Updates

Automate catalog updates, ensuring that product information, pricing, availability, and other details are always up-to-date across campaigns.

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