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Tool to Make Conversion of Your Articles to Instant Articles Easier

May 30, 2018ByDiego Moreno Quinteiro

In order to help publishers convert their articles more easily to Instant Articles, we are beginning to test the Instant Articles Builder. This new tool is an open source desktop app that enables publishers to generate Instant Articles from their existing mobile site without the need to write any code. This will make it easier for publishers without engineering resources or with limited technical expertise to onboard onto Instant Articles.

With the Instant Articles Builder, you are able to specify the template for your Instant Articles simply by pointing and clicking on the visual elements of your mobile web articles. This template is used to map the content in your mobile web articles to Instant Articles, which will then be rendered to your readers within Facebook's mobile apps.

Once you're finished defining your template, then add a meta tag on your site that links to the configuration file in order to have your articles automatically ingested as Instant Articles when they are shared on Facebook. To learn more about how to get started visit:

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