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Automatic Ads Placement

We're updating the Automatic Ads Placement feature in response to publishers' requests for more flexibility and control.

The Automatic Ads Placement feature optimizes ad density for both direct-sold and Audience Network ads within the Instant Articles policies framework. Rather than manually placing ads tags within articles, publishers can rely on the tool to automate ad placement.

Since introducing this feature in December, we heard feedback that publishers like the features but wanted more control and flexibility. We're building on that success, and we are excited to introduce a couple of updates:

  • Customized ad sequencing within an article

    Publishers can now specify ads ordering in the header information for an article, while still benefitting from automatically optimized ad placement.

  • Accounting for media rich elements

    The Automatic Ad Placement feature will now account for pixel density of media rich elements when determining ads placement. This allows for greater ads density for articles that have multiple photos and videos.

  • Auto-correcting for ads density policy violations

    If an Instant Article is in violation of ads density guidelines, the Automatic Ad Placement feature will adjust ad placement and density to be compliant with no action required from the publisher and no impact to feed publishing. Publishers should update and resubmit articles after fixing policy violations if they wish to manually control ad placement going forward.

We'll continue to listen to feedback and make improvements, so be sure to check back periodically for new showcases and updates.

To learn more visit the developer documentation details on the Instant Articles developers site.