Meta Work Accounts

Meta work accounts gives you access to Meta work tools. Use Meta Work Accounts to log into Meta devices and services for work. No personal Facebook account required.

With Work Accounts, organizations have more control over the security of their employees’ accounts. Businesses will be able to manage Work Accounts on behalf of their employees and have access to enterprise-grade features like single sign-on integrations.


Learn about building integrations for Work Accounts. This site provides documentation to help developers like you to create your own custom apps for your company.

The information provided on this site is technical in nature and is only intended for use by developers for the purpose of understanding or building integrations.

Audiences seeking information on the client features or IT guidance should see the Help Center for further information.

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Custom Integrations

Learn how to create a custom integration. This page walks you through the process of creating a custom integration for Work Accounts.

API Reference

Learn the data structures for the SCIM API core schema and its extensions.