Conversation-based pricing has changed. See Pricing to learn how our new conversation-based pricing model works.

In addition, visibility of metric_types have changed effective July 1, 2023. Please see the Conversation Analytics table for more details.

Cloud API

Send and receive messages using a cloud-hosted version of the WhatsApp Business Platform. The Cloud API, hosted by Meta, allows you to implement WhatsApp Business APIs without the cost of hosting of your own servers and also allows you to more easily scale your business messaging.

If you are a developer who wants direct access to the Cloud API to build on the behalf of a client’s business, fill out this form and we will reach out with more information.

Documentation Contents


Learn how the Cloud API works. See information about rate limiting, metrics, scaling, data privacy, security, and encryption.

Get Started

Send your first message using the Cloud API. If you are working as a Solution Partner, see this get started.


Learn how to use our available endpoints.


See all API nodes and edges currently available.


Get notifications related to your messages and their status.


Frequently asked questions related to the Cloud API.


Learn how to solve problems you may encounter while using the API.

Error Codes

Understand how error messages are structured and see all available error codes.