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All Implemented Interfaces: , kotlin.Comparable

public enum DefaultAudience
extends Enum<DefaultAudience>
Certain operations such as publishing a status or publishing a photo require an audience. When the user grants an application permission to perform a publish operation, a default audience is selected as the publication ceiling for the application. This enumerated value allows the application to select which audience to ask the user to grant publish permission for.
Field Summary
Modifier and TypeFieldDescription
private final StringnativeProtocolAudience
private final Stringname
private final Integerordinal
Enum Constant Summary
Enum ConstantDescription
Represents an invalid default audience value, can be used when only reading.
Indicates only the user is able to see posts made by the application.
Indicates that the user's friends are able to see posts made by the application.
Indicates that all Facebook users are able to see posts made by the application.
Method Summary
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final StringgetNativeProtocolAudience()
final StringgetName()
final IntegergetOrdinal()
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 final StringgetNativeProtocolAudience()


 final StringgetName()


 final IntegergetOrdinal()