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public final class ImageRequest
com.facebook.internal is solely for the use of other packages within the Facebook SDK for Android. Use of any of the classes in this package is unsupported, and they may be modified or removed without warning at any time.
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public interfaceImageRequest.Callback
public classImageRequest.Companion
public final classImageRequest.Builder
Field Summary
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private final BooleanisCachedRedirectAllowed
private final Contextcontext
private final UriimageUri
private final ImageRequest.Callbackcallback
private final BooleanallowCachedRedirects
private final ObjectcallerTag
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 final BooleangetIsCachedRedirectAllowed()


 final ContextgetContext()


 final UrigetImageUri()


 final BooleangetAllowCachedRedirects()


 final ObjectgetCallerTag()